kick it international e.V.

Notice children
Empower families
Beautify lifeworlds

Connecting people, and giving acceptance, joy, hope, and new life prospects – that’s what fills us with enthusiasm!

As teams, we go to the children and families in our neighborhoods – all with their individual social, cultural, and religious backgrounds. By means of our regular offers for sports, creativity and education, we develop their self-confidence and make them fit for life. Here, we experience communal moments during which everyone can share their personal richnesses.

Welcome to the website of kick it international

We are on our way in Munich since 2009, encountering people with love and lending a hand where our help is needed. Since 2017, our teams are also reaching out to people in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya.

In all we do, our motto is: We are going TO the people! Therefore, we offer our activities where the kids, teenagers and families – who are dear to our hearts – spend their time. We approach people, build meaningful and lasting relationships, and act out of these relations. This is how we can tackle hardships purposefully.

We affect our neighborhoods and the hearts of their people, we open up new perspectives and create opportunities. Our work is only possible thanks to our big network of supporters. We’d like to invite you: You are welcome to become a part of the kick it family!

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