Last Sunday we have spent time with the kids and have celebrated Christmas. It has been the last meeting in 2017. 70 guys and 20 parents have been playing soccer at SoccArena at Olympic Park, whereas the girls of designerkstatt have been ice skating next door. My wife tells you, what she experienced:

“Encouraging the girls, helping them to try out new things, to find out who they are and what they like: that’s our intention at the designwerkstatt. This time we went ice skating and for a few girls it was the first time. We were really proud, that they had the courage to ice skating on the hand of one of the adults. From time to time they became confident and had a lot of fun. Except for one girl. She was shaking and scary. We encouraged her, but she was not able to try out ice skating and wanted to give up. However two of our little ones had the idea to sit her on one of the figures and push her on the ice the whole afternoon. She didn’t even want to get out of it and everyone had fun. Nobody made jokes on her or put her under pressure. Instead the group showed her, that it’s ok, if you aren’t able to overcome fear. Me and my team were so happy and proud to see, that friendships had been building up and unity had been coming true since the last years of invest. In the end it was not on us to find a solution of her problem, but the girls themselves had the best idea.”