“Children and me? That doesn’t work!” That was Ilonas mindset before she sceptically joined the catering team of our family day on May 1st. Up to that point, she had little experience working with children and didn’t know exactly what to expect and how to interact with them.

For some years now the 1st of May is the highlight of the kick it year. We organize a special afternoon for our kids and their families. We rent a location outside of Munich in order to distract them from their daily life and their small flats. Beside sports and creative acitvities we spend time together, have fun, talk and have a big barbecue. Thanks to our sponsors “HOWE” and “Ratschillers Bakery” we have sausages and rolls. In the end there is a big family party with 200 guests and 30 volunteers.

This year Ilona was one of them. She accepted her personal challenge and admitted herself to our kids. What she experienced, exceeded all her expectations.. She met respectful children, who have been a role model for younger ones, saying “Please” and ” Thank you”. She cared for a crying boy and comforted him. Ilona had a lot of fun and lost her fear, so that today she takes into account working voluntarily with children. Now she thinks back to this moment: “The smile of the kids made my day!”