Saturday night, 7 hopeful people and a baby in our living-room. Together we finish the statutes of our charitable association. We are in good mood and it’s clear that this will be special evening – another milestone in the history of “kick it”.

8 years ago, I followed an impulse of God and found myself playing soccer in Munichs’ “Petuelpark”. I wanted to pay the kids’ attention through my biggest passion. I quit my job, spent a lot of time with the teens, listened to them – that’s how I became a brother to many of them. Volunteers joined and shared their hearts and talents with the people from our neighborhood. The number of teams grew with the offer of sports, creativity and education – and with them, the whole kick it family. With the help of “Open heaven e.V”, “ICF Munich e.V.” and the support of many contributors at this time, now we can open a new chapter.

Back in the living-room. Everyone votes. The statutes are signed. Champagne opens. This moment needs to be celebrated.