Ken and Annah is a couple, who we support in Nairobi to help others. They don’t just take care of the boys playing football at Sparks FC but as well of others, that need help. It’s not only them, but also their whole family. Annahs Dad and cousin founded a refugees’ camp 20 years ago in Nairobi, where African refugees and former homeless people of Kenya can live now. Every now and then Annah and Ken visit the children. This time Annah showed them soft skills: How to make apple jam? The recipe comes from Steffi of kick it from Germany, who used to live in Nairobi until last summer. The cooking was a lot of fun and obviously a very sweet matter.

Help people to help themselves: We believe it’s wise to support native street workers in their mission and passion for needy people. That’s why we don’t dictate what to do. But rather – in our opinion – they know best, what’s the local distress, and we avoid cultural misunderstanding.