My wife and I have been travelling to Nairobi, Kenia in February 2016. The only thing we knew was the departure of our flight and that there would be a couple at the airport picking us up. Their home was our home for ten days. We had the impression to visit a country we haven’t been to before. A friend of us gave us a tip and said that there would be a big church, similar to ours. We didn’t know what God had planned, but we would let Him surprise us. In fact, “Mavuno” church was very vigorous and had the aim that people get to know Jesus. We felt comfortable in this culturally different country. But in the end, it wasn’t the church to which we have grown a relationship, but to two couples to which we grew very close. Audrey and Tom overwhelmed us with their hospitality. Two years earlier, they founded a school where children of the neighborhood could go to – even those whose families were poor. Education means a good future. But many can’t afford it. To make their dream come true, this couple went for broke. Annah and Ken lived just two houses away. Their heartbeat are the boys who live in the slums. Annah and Ken spend a lot of time with them, started a soccer team and give them hope and love like no one else. Where others build up barriers between social classes, they tear them down. Their heartbeat and passion is our motivation. We wanted to deepen our friendships and help them. One year later, I visited them again with a few guys of my kick it team from Munich. It was great again. We all came together and sat down at one table, prayed, and later, those two couples joined the kick it family with great joy and hope.