Our Family day on May 1st, 2018 especially stays in our mind. We were at Alpaka Beach in Alling with all our kids and their families. The weather was nice. This years was unique because we never had as many cultures as this year. 200 people from all over the world joined us. There were people from Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Uganda, Kosovo, Albania, Turkey, Greek, Tunisia, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia and Germany. We would like to share some special moments with you now:

We invited a lot of refugees and because of Christina’s monthly work at the camp 35 people came along. All of them signed in the lists we gave them beforehand and were on time. Everyone who knows refugees: That’s not self-evident.

One kick-it-Family registered and brought alone 6 other families!!

Our kick-it-Team is as strong as never! Not only in manpower but also in friendships that start here. People from different ages, cultures, confessions, religions and talents come together. The one thing we share is: we are willing to spend our time together Sundays at kick it. Everyone respects one another and just likes each other. The motto of the day was “notice”: to accept one another the way they are. To be interested in one another, to ask and to value. To talk about problems. To see the person and not religion or nationality. To help. To be grateful to spend time together.

This celebration is only possible when people see the work of kick it international e.V. and support our work. Therefore, we thank every volunteer and sponsor. Special thanks also to Munich City, HoWe GmbH, Bakery Ratschiller and Alpaka Beach team for your great support.