Ken is the leader of our kick it soccer team in Nairobi. His wife Annah and him spend a lot of time with a fantastic man called Moses. They help him throughout his daily challenges. This is Moses’ story:

“Moses Erumu Nanok is a happy man after been a beneficiary of Kick it organization.He was born in the 1993 and through much struggles he could not achieve his desired dream of been a driver. His driving school fees were paid Through Kick it organization from Germany. He has managed to go for his full driving school and Just now got his Kenyan driving license. Moses is now looking forward to be a Uber driver.We thank Kick it for making a difference to the young the man from informal settlement. ”

I am looking forward to tall you more storys like this, which shows a concrete invest on people with a lot of impact. I am very touched by the story of Moses and it reminds me of Mother Terese who said:”The slightest sacrifice can change so much.”