Help people help themselves

Ken and Annah is a couple, who we support in Nairobi to help others. They don't just take care of the boys playing football at Sparks FC but as well of others, that need help. It's not only them, but also their whole family. Annahs Dad and cousin founded a refugees' camp 20 years ago [...]

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kick it “Octoberfest” 2018

We had a great evening at our kick it Octoberfest @ Hofbräuzelt as team with our partners. And in septembre after the summer holiday we started as well in the second semester with our kids. Since it was very warm we could could rock the park and had fun with the youngsters. Everytime there are [...]

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During the world soccer championships we started a special competition in social media. Our marketing team has planned a few weeks before, how to reach more people for kick it with the help of a little campaign. We had a great price and hoped as well as a secondary action to allure more sponsors and [...]

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Respect, fairplay and team spirit

The last 6 months our street soccer team has provided soccer every now and then during the holidays. The run has been so enormous, that the team decided to use this possibility and strenghten the programm. The respone was huge, especially for those children, whose parents can't afford to go on a holiday. Now we [...]

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Berlin, Berlin…

“Without you, we would not have had this experience“, says Shpresa thankfully to us, who just came back from a weeklong holiday in Berlin. Talla and Nassef from Uganda with their one-year-old son were also part of it. The week was characterized by joy, sun and pure action. The program ranged from going to a [...]

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Integration means notice

Our Family day on May 1st, 2018 especially stays in our mind. We were at Alpaka Beach in Alling with all our kids and their families. The weather was nice. This years was unique because we never had as many cultures as this year. 200 people from all over the world joined us. There were [...]

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Two years refugees’ camp

Summer 2015. Every day thousands of refugees reach Munich. Many volunteers help quickly for the “first aid” in short term. The fortune of the displaced persons touches our hearts and we want to welcome them at kick it as well. Though our vision is long-term integration. When others had stopped to help, we started our [...]

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Our highlight this winter

One of our highlights this winter are the indoor-kickers of the SoccArena! Every week, there are so many children playing soccer: around 40 kids of the under 12 years old and 40 teens 12 years plus. This hasn't happened a long time before. We are very pleased. Our team is harmonic, we have alot of [...]

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Designwerkstatt goes ice skating

Last Sunday we have spent time with the kids and have celebrated Christmas. It has been the last meeting in 2017. 70 guys and 20 parents have been playing soccer at SoccArena at Olympic Park, whereas the girls of designerkstatt have been ice skating next door. My wife tells you, what she experienced: "Encouraging [...]

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Ken is the leader of our kick it soccer team in Nairobi. His wife Annah and him spend a lot of time with a fantastic man called Moses. They help him throughout his daily challenges. This is Moses' story: "Moses Erumu Nanok is a happy man after been a beneficiary of Kick it organization.He [...]

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