team marisha

Audrey Wanjama & Tom Muturi Wanjama

Marisha International School: Our vision

Being a Christian school, we are passionate and focused on giving the children a good foundation for life. Our vision is not about the school institution but about the children. We want them to grow as leaders in academic excellence and global perspective to life. The intention of all that we do is to grow the children towards their strengths. Once we identify a child’s strengths, we empower the child to leverage these strengths and manage the challenges, growing towards greatness. We intentionally seek for what the child is strong in, excellence and godly leadership.  So we have developed a culture and programs that intentionally develop the children’s leadership skills at their formative ages. Learning is individualized in a lively, warm home atmosphere and in close collaboration with the children’s families. Our curriculum of choice is an enriched form of the British National Curriculum integrated with Montessori Curriculum and values based on Christian principles.