team street soccer Sparks FC

The team of Sparks FC meets every day for soccer on the fields of Athi river between the slum Carton City and Jam City. Coaches are Annah Miuri and Ken Patrick Kimeu.

Annah Miuri and Ken Patrick Kimeu

Sparks FC: Our vision

The Sparks FC started 3 years ago. The focus was to assist young energetic youths from less fortunate backgrounds in leaving informal settlements (slums) through sports. In Athi River, Machakps county, Kenya, this is especially soccer.

Our mission is to see the youths from less privileged backgrounds living fulfilling lives and feeling accepted, staying active in the society and capitalizing on their talents to enjoy their lives fully, plus finding their purpose in life.

Our vision is to mentor the youth to positively influence their society and to become role models.

We live close to where the team members grew up, the slums! Since soccer is loved in Kenya, we found a way to reach out to them through the sport so as to create friendship, trust and to understand their everyday challenges. By the grace of God, we received T-shirts that had a slogan “it takes a spark to light a fire” – and that’s how we got our team name ‘SPARKS’.