Summer 2015. Every day thousands of refugees reach Munich. Many volunteers help quickly for the “first aid” in short term. The fortune of the displaced persons touches our hearts and we want to welcome them at kick it as well. Though our vision is long-term integration.

When others had stopped to help, we started our mission. We didn’t start numerous actions without proper planning. But we waited until the situation became clearer and we could find a refugees’ home,  where many families had been received, who had a good chance to stay. The responsible supported us and we started to visit the residents frequently with the designwerkstatt and our soccer team. We have been very touched, when we were in their garden the first time, because we have been welcomed and the atmosphere was familiar. The corporate feeling was great, despite of the different cultures, languages and individual dramatical stories. Some men even brought lunch, because they were so happy to have us here, doing crafts with their wives.

It’s been two years now. Meanwhile some young men go to kick it to play soccer at the Petuelpark and Christina and her team still visits them once a month and spends precious time with the women and children. Deeper relationships arise. We are looking forward to what will happen in the future.